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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eclipse inspired 'Do

Hey there loyal follwers and fans of this blog!
This hairstyles is another cute and easy one which I think is perfect for the first day of school. I was inspired to do this by the Twilight movie ''Eclipse''. There is a scene where the vampires go to attack the wolves and I saw that Rosalie had this 'do. I knew I just HAD to come home and try it imidiately!

1. Part the hair on the left.
2. make a tiny square section on each side of the part.
3. Braid both sections and have your daughter hold them.
4. Comb all the hair back and seperate it in three. Don't forget to add in the left braid to the left section and the right braid to the right section.
5. Braid the hair down to the very end and secure it with a rubberband.
6. Add hairspray!

* For a more sofisticated look do not wet the hair down. To make your braid look looser pull on the strands.

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