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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eclipse Inspired Hairstyle 2nd Day 'Do

Do you guys remember THIS? Well here is the 2nd day hairstyle I said I would post.

What i did was just simply remove the braid so the hair would be curly and then made a half ponytail adding the braids into it. You could also just leave the 2 braids as they are with just the curls from the braid.

Now, i don't find that this picture does the style justice but it is the only one i could find. Usually there is more curl to it. I took this picture at the end of the day so her curls had time to fall out but it is normally super cute and perfect for when you are in a rush. I just LOVE 2nd day 'do's.

* I got a request to show how to do a braided hairstyle that looks kind of like the waterfall french braid so be sure to look for it in my next post.

Enjoy! and remeber sharing is caring! LOL

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