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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Half Fishtail Braid

Hey everyone! I hope all your kiddos had a great day back at school. We sure did.

Now, I know I was supposed to post my twist on the waterfall french braid BUT something in my computer went wrong and I lost the picture. So I will have to show it to you guys next time. Mean while, I have seen lots of people wonder how to do this braid.

Now this to me looks like a very loosely done fishtail braid. So here is mine. ( My DD had just gotten out of the shower so hers was harder to loosen up but I'll teach you how after.

1. Bring all the hair back as if you were making a ponytail.
2. Seperate hair in half and start making a fishtail braid. If you do  not know how, HERE is a tutorial.
 3. Now only go down about one or two inches.
4. Secure it all together with a rubberband.
5. To loosen it up a little, just tug on the pieces/strands and it will loosen the braid.

* Obviously if you wanted a more bohemian, loose look you should do the hairstyle on dry hair.

* You should also notice that once you are done the braid, loosening up the strands helps hide the rubberband.

Enjoy! And please comment
P.S: Would you like a video tutorial on this one?


  1. I want a tutorial. I love it but my first strands wont stay.