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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Picture Tutorial!

This hairstyles is one that I tried on my hair model today. She is currently in grade 7 so we went for something more tweenish.

(Sorry for the picture qualitly, it was still morning so it was a bit dark.)

1. She had washed her hair the night before so that night I made two french braids to give her some waves the next morning.
2. I untied the braids and kept the part in the middle like so.

3. Then I put a clip in one section to have it out of the way. Like so.

4. I parted down to the ear on the side I was working with, then I seperated it in three to make a dutch braid.
5. Make a dutch braid with that section and temporary secure it....................................................................

6. Repeat that; Make another dutch braid on the other side then secure the two braids together.
7. I ended the braids by makinbg a wrap around ponytail and this is the end result.
Hope you like!
P.S.: I made her hair wavy for this so her ponytail would have more puffiness and so it would look tweener but you could do it straight too.

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  1. i don't get how to dutch braid though