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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Halloween Hairstyle

So Halloween is coming up soon and i thought this would be a perfect hairstyle. This 'do kind of reminds me of a spider web but done way more simply since the school mornings have been quite buisy here. I had filmed a tutorial but I am not going to post it because my camera is not the best. The lighting on the video is so suckish that you don't even see the finished styles. So if any of you have a good camera or know how to make my tutorials less bad, PLEASE TELL ME!

We saw this hairstyle over HERE and tried it.
If you wanted this to be more of a Halloween hairtsyle you could put in green, orange and black elastics and/or put beads on the ends of the braids.

* Don't mind her silly face! We all get those faces once in while! :)
Enjoy! And I would like to thank everyone who has suscribed to this blog, everyone who follows the blog, everyone who comments. follows us on facebook and EVERYONE WHO LIKES OUR BLOG!

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