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Friday, October 7, 2011

Side French Braid with Flair

I haven't really had the time to post this week. It has been really buisy. I was in the hospital for 2 days but I am fine now and yesterday we went to a TobyMac concert. he is a CRAZY christian singer and I really recommend his music to parents who have teenagers. On top of that we have had 3 gymnastics meet this week. I guess there is no need to say that our life is hectic at times!
With all this weeks activities I did not get the time to do a tutorial but I did want to show this to you guys.

We saw THIS braid and knew we just had to try it. I found these little twist-ins at claires but they have them everywhere these days. Even at walmart!

This is our version of this braid. I know the lighting isn't too good but my camera isn't always either so...

Her hair was driping wet when we did this but I would recommend you doing this on dry or damp hair.

Hope you like!

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